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Goodman to develop SpainĀ“s first BREEAM certified sustainable urban logistics park in Getafe

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Getafe Terminal Logistics Centre, a redevelopment project by Goodman in partnership with the local council, is the first logistics project to achieve Spanish BREEAM Urbanism certification in its design stage.


  • Goodman revitalises 144,000 sqm of unused industrial land.
  • The project’s energy strategy cuts CO2 emissions by 80% and includes a green corridor to improve biodiversity.


The Spanish BREEAM Urbanism scheme specialises in evaluating and certifying sustainability in large-scale urban spaces and projects. Getafe Terminal Logistics Center is the first project to achieve this challanging rating in the field of industry and logistics, which guarantees the sustainability of its design.


Getafe Terminal Logistics Centre is an integrated and sustainable logistics park comprising 144,000 sqm of urban industrial land – opening up opportunities for e-commerce, third party logistics and retailers  seeking a prime location close to Madrid.


Due for completion in late 2022, the property forms part of Goodman’s strategy of developing sustainable world-class assets for the long term. Getafe Terminal Logistcs Centre is forecast to create 500 jobs in the logistics sector. The property has been designed with the wellbeing of customers, neighbours, and future employees in mind - creating an environment with wide green spaces, a pedestrian walkway, a cycle lane, leisure and hospitality areas.


According to María Paz, manager of the BREEAM ES Urbanismo scheme: “This certification demonstrates Goodman’s commitment to being a leader in sustainability, also guaranteeing its independence, coherence and credibility. Getafe Terminal Logistics Center is an example of the versatility of BREEAM Urbanism, a methodology that certifies the sustainability of different kinds of land: mixed, residential, or, as in this case, logistics.”


BREEAM, a model of sustainability in the logistics industry


BREEAM certified projects demonstrate a firm commitment to sustainability and fulfil a set of requirements that rate the environmental and social consciousness and efficiency of properties.


Ignacio García-Cuenca, Country manager Spain at Goodman, said: “We view sustainability as an approach that leads to positive economic, environmental and social outcomes for our business and our stakeholders. Working with BREEAM to achieve this certification in Spain demonstrates our long-term, sustainable approach to owning and developing properties.”


One of the project’s great benefits  is the ability to redevelop unused industrial land into a state of the art and sustainable development that will give a new lease of life to the area. Land re-use is one element that BREEAM evaluates - as it prevents erosion of fresh soil of environmental value.


Customers and neighbours benefit from close proximity to Madrid’s city centre and connectivity between two parts of the city separated by the railway lines, with a pedestrian walkway and a suburban railway station. This connection allows many commuters to forego the need for a private car, leading to reduced carbon emissions and less traffic.


The new logistics park also improves the area’s biodiversity with a 24,000 sqm green corridor of recreational area for employees and the neighbourhood. After demolition of the pre-existing factory on the site, 75,000 cubic meters of material (equivalent to more than 30 olympic-sized swimming pools) will be recycled and re-used during construction.


As a state-of-the-art sustainable project, Getafe Terminal Logistics Centre’s energy strategy will reduce the estate’s maintenance costs and allows for up to 80% savings in CO2. Goodman also intends to obtain BREEAM certification for the new logistics warehouse once complete, ensuring sustainability is at the forefront of the project ’s entire design process.


Highly prized international recognition


The methodology of BREEAM Urbanism was adapted to Spanish language and regulations in 2012. It takes into consideration multiple requirements in the areas of: Climate and energy, Community, Design of the location, Ecology, Transport, Resources, Economics and Buildings. Its goal is to stimulate demand for responsible planning and management of urban environments, providing a fully tested standard for full environmental sustainability.


Getafe Terminal Logistics Centre will pass the same test taken by major urban regeneration projects in Europe and around the world. Today, 52 construction projects have obtained this certification, most of them in Sweden, Finland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Poland and Spain. Emblematic developments have been certified in China, UAE and Kazakhstan.