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Green Dock: a laboratory for tomorrow’s logistics

Together with a trans-disciplinary design team, Goodman has been awarded the tender for a sustainable 90,000 sqm multipurpose facility — bringing together the best of our capabilities to deliver world-class river logistics just 5 km from the heart of inner-city Paris.


Tomorrow’s real estate solutions, delivered today

Once transformed from its end-of-cycle building — avoiding the use of natural land — Green Dock will be one of Europe’s tallest logistics hubs. As a state-of-the-art, multilevel facility, it will further reduce the need for land by maximising the densification of the site across four levels and a highly-utilised roof. In addition, we’ve made sure to optimise for flexibility and versatility in the building, for example by using different height of floors for differing kinds of storage, variable unit sizes, units that can be used for dry or cold storage, and more.

To bring Green Dock to life, we’ve surrounded ourselves with experts and innovators such as A26, a pioneering urban architecture studio who were able to imagine a structure that looks more like an iconic example of modern architecture than a sustainable logistics facility. We’ve also made innovative use of the large roof. For example, we’ve teamed up with Cultivate, the Paris-based urban farm operator, to convert Green Dock's roof into a massive urban farm capable of producing hundreds of tonnes of citrus, flowers, fruits and vegetables. The green roofing will include land to be cultivated as well as contributing to the landscape insertion, carbon absorption and biodiversity.. Right next to the food farm will be a solar farm — one of the largest in Paris, with 11,000 sqm of solar PV panels producing renewable energy for Green Dock.

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90,000 sqm

of logistics space and offices

5 floors

including the roof

17,000 sqm

of urban farm

11,000 sqm

of PV installation

Elegant, respectful and sustainable logistics

We’ve made sure that Green Dock will be a positive presence for all of its stakeholders: our customers who will use the facilities, the neighbouring businesses and communities, and of course, the planet. A26’s design was able to negotiate a delicate balance of pragmatic functionality and contemporary elegance, incorporating a green facade that is suitable for vertical landscaping whilst also capturing noise and visual pollution. The comfortable, high-quality office spaces will be nested within a modern wooden structure, with views over the Seine for all site employees.

And, as always with Goodman properties, we’ll take all measures to ensure to minimise our impact on the environment: From an ongoing analysis to ensure net-zero achievement to the utilisation of solar and river energy during Green Dock’s operation.

A pioneer of European river logistics

Green Dock will be Port de Gennevilliers’ first dock that allows for unbroken transit of loaded vehicles: from warehouse to boat, directly to the city centre. By transporting cargo down the Seine, Paris will be able to avoid added traffic and the pollution it brings, while charging ports will empower our partners to adopt cleaner and less resource-intensive electric barges and trucks.

But the benefits of river logistics don’t end there. Green Dock will employ a heat exchanger that uses water from the Seine to sustainably heat and cool its facilities, and will also house a biomass or geothermal system in order to further source clean renewable energy from nature.